Asset management

Extremely careful selection and on-going alignment to new developments, allied with conservative risk management – you, and your portfolio, would soon come to appreciate these guiding principles of Villa Tagwerker.

The investment process

You and your team
What are your personal goals and wishes?
On the basis of your terms of references, a select team of Austria’s top investment experts will develop a strategy for the optimum deployment and harmonisation of your assets.
International partners
Analyses and evaluations (both in terms of quantity and quality) from the most eminent international investment advisers are taken into consideration when selecting investments, so that your assets can profit from the best securities in the world.  Such studies form the basis for choosing the most suitable securities under procedures that are constantly being improved and monitored.    

We are completely independent, both financially and legally.  As far as your investment decisions are concerned, our investment advisers are bound solely to the terms of reference of your risk profile, and are not required to prefer any ‘own’ products.  Such decisions are reached entirely by pursuing the optimum strategy for achieving your individual investment objectives.   
Top quality
Our joint recipe for success involves, exclusively, first-class investment products with on-going performances, administered using the most modern investment technology.  

On-going optimisation
Underlying conditions that are constantly changing call for regular adjustment and optimisation of asset allocation.  For instance, when equity markets are advancing the proportion of equities in your portfolio would be increased while it would be reduced during periods of falling prices.   

Our service for you

Personal attention
Your personal investment adviser is at your service on all matters from A to Z, which range be his/her involvement in your initial instruction to our firm to manage your assets, right through to his/her announcing to you some special bonus arrangements.

Regular reporting
You would always be “in the know”, without having to worry about everything yourself.  For us, it goes without saying that you would receive detailed information on the development of your assets at least every six months, and would be invited to have a discussion with your personal financial adviser twice per annum.

Access to your portfolio
If you so request, you can obtain the current value of your portfolio using SMS or on-line.  

Just sit back and relax, as it is our business to create the optimum conditions in which your money can grow.