About discipline and freedom

Our bank’s investment philosophy is one of its solid values.

Our guiding principles read thus:
“Invest rather than speculate”
“Adjust investments to a long-term horizon”
“Consistently avoid risks resulting from changes in financial standing”

Just as we value absolute discipline in these fields, so do we value freedom in another field, namely that of product selection.  
We do not think in terms of products, but of solutions.  So we avail ourselves of whatever products on the international financial market smooth the path leading to our common objective.  This freedom allows us to be creative, which in turn leads to new approaches and creates the independence from which you profit in the course of making your decisions.  

You may, of course, take our total discretion completely for granted.  It goes far beyond the obligatory banking secrecy entrenched in Austria’s constitution. 


With us your trust will be in excellent hands.  Even the architecture of Villa Tagwerker reflects the principle of discretion.