Serviced securities account

You decide.  We provide the basics. 
Personal confidence and integrity count most of all when it comes to investment.  Face-to-face, and completely confidential conversations and individual consultation are therefore at the top of our agenda. This will reassure you that from the range of services we offer you obtain precisely those that correspond particularly with your wishes and needs.  

We service you in the following way:

Your investment adviser analyses the structure of your portfolio on the basis of the investment principles that have been agreed with you, in the course of which the current market situation is compared with the composition of your securities account.  

Your adviser will contact you, proactively, at regular intervals.  You will discuss with him the results of such analyses and may commission him to undertake any rearrangements you may wish. You then decide on the type and scope of any ensuing transactions. Decisions to purchase or sell will only be reached following prior agreement with you.  

Our investment advisers will be at your side, backing you up with advice and action, and will be pleased to put new proposals before you.  We will, moreover, keep you regularly informed of current changes in the market and their effects on the securities you are holding.  

Let us discover together which path is the right one for you.  
We shall look forward to our conversations with you.